Keep these points carefully before purchasing power bank

Mobile is not the only thing to talk about. We use a lot of video, games, music and cameras all these. In this case, the battery of mobile too quickly ends. That’s why Power Bank has become a necessary gadget with mobile. Battery technology is not as good enough as we want these days. Shortly after charging, the signal is low for the battery.
Portable power bank is a means of avoiding this inconvenience. These are quite like these days. Once you charge the power bank, you can get rid of the problem of over-running batteries. The problem is that there is so much power bank in the market that when we buy it, it is difficult to buy which power bank buy. If you are buying a mobile power bank, then pay special attention to these things.
Power bank capacity
The capacity of the power bank is measured in MAH. If you are buying a power bank then take a high power power bank. For this you see your battery’s capacity. If your phone has a capacity of 3000 mAh, then you should take a high capacity power bank from it. Keep in mind that the power bank should charge your phone at least 3 times and there should be enough capacity in it. Suppose you are somewhere out and you have to charge the phone, after charging once your phone’s batteries and charger batteries will end. After this you will get a problem
Charging slot
There are charging slots in the power bank for mobile charging. If you have more than 2 gadgets then you should take at least 2 slots, a mobile power bank. The more slots you get, the more power the bank will get.
Battery type
First look at the cell used in the power bank. Whether it is lithium ion or lithium polymer Lithium-ion is cheap and is easily available. Lithium polymer cells are expensive, but there is twice the charge capacity per unit weight.
Pay attention to quality
Avoid the Power Bank with a heavy discount on the street selling or ecommerce website without a brand. You will buy them at a lower cost but they will get spoiled very quickly. So always buy quality power bank. The cheap power bank does not have the right MAH capability and correct current. These batteries can burst overcharged. For better security and performance, take a model that can provide more voltage and more charging protection.