Terrorist attack in Paris, death of policeman

– The attack by IS militants just before the presidential election in France
– In the counter action killed the attacker
Paris A gunman attacked the police bus on Thursday night in Paris, France’s capital Paris. A police officer died in the attack while two others seriously injured. The police killed the attacker in retaliation. According to French President Frasua Oland, he is sure that this was a terrorist attack. This attack happened just before the Presidential election to be held in France on Sunday. In the honor of the policemen killed in the attack, more than 11 candidates have finished their promotion. The attack happened on the main street of the city in the Elihe region of Paris. Shan Eliege is one of Paris’s famous places, and there is a gathering of foreign tourists all the time here. According to the French media, the attacker landed with a car and started an indiscriminate firing on the police bus from an automatic gun. After the incident the whole area was sealed. The assailant tried to flee but the security forces followed him and killed him in the encounter. The French government spokesman Pierre Henry Brandt told the media that the attacker targeted the policemen under the planned conspiracy. The terrorist organization ISIS took responsibility for the attack. The Paris Administration claims that the attacker has been identified. After the attack, anti-terrorism campaign has been launched in whole of France.
Condemnation worldwide
The countries of the attacks including Europe and America have condemned the attacks. American President Donald Trump has advised the people of France to remain strong and alert. He said that we express sympathy towards the people of France. The British Prime Minister has expressed condolences with the French President.